About Us


Everyone likes a snarky remark here and there. And, the best
people to dish out snark to are our loved ones. Yes, our family
and friends, our closest Relatives!
“Relatively Funny” designs is a brand new line of gift products
that uses sharp witty sayings and sarcasm on a variety of fun
and useful items. Our goal is to share laughter and affection
with those dearest to us by poking fun at ourselves and others.
After all, laughter is one of life’s greatest gifts! It helps us relax
and recharge. It reduces stress and increases energy. Laughter
is mainly about relationships and it helps us improve communication
and build bonds.
So whether it is a plaque, coaster, towel, or easel-back magnet,
find your favorite gift and get the belly laugh rolling!


 Caution: Be careful who you gift Relatively Funny to...or Not!